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587 Crucible Tilting Melting Holding Furnace

Melting rate: 130 kg - 350 kg/hr.
Holding capacity: 340 kg – 587 kg.
Customize service is available in full range of sizes.
Automatic Combustion system is available in diesel、LNG and heavy Oil.

Electric flat wire heating system is available as well.

587 20200604

  • Easy Operate 

    One-touch automatic tilting system.

  • Save Cost 

    Low oxidation loss.

  • Furnace shell

    Solid sturdy steel furnace shell.

  • PID Controller

    Automatic temperature control box.

  • Fast Melt

    Italian FBR fast melting burner.

  • Refractories Material

    Best quality of firebrick, ceramic fiber and refractory materials.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Environmentally friendly design.

  • Dynamic System 

    Hydraulic tilting system, easy operation.